The Benefits of Mobile Freight Marketplace

CaptureIt has been more than a decade since the transportation industry is highly relying on the mobile freight marketplace. They’ve helped tons of different companies that are participating in open freight market in connecting to each other through the internet. Open freight market is all about freight loads that are covered by the freight carriers but not under long term contract. Basically, it’s the largest segment in the truck load freight industry and having 80 percent of trucking companies that have 20 trucks or less, open freight market is here to stay for sure. Visit
From the time when stable and fast internet has came to existence, the freight load boards has come next. As a matter of fact, websites of freight load boards are designed in a way that the published info regarding the open market freight loads are easily seen. For this, freight brokers can now publish valuable info on the open market freight loads. Through this, freight brokers were able to reach broader audience by just publishing info regarding the loads they can carry.Just before the freight load boards came to existence, the shippers or the freight brokers who work for the shippers go straight to the freight carriers and contacting them in person in sourcing the available truck’s capacity to haul the freight loads. The value of freight broker to shipper was the relationship with the certified quality carriers and on how fast they can source the carriers available in hauling the loads. Check out load boards for car haulers

A big number of loads that are being posted on these freight load boards go a minimum distance of 500 miles or even more. In relation to the sizes, this could be about FTL or Full Truck Load or LTL meaning Less Than Truckload. They may be standard freight which could be hauled in a standard 53 feet van trailer or freight that require specialized equipment similar to flatbed, drop deck, curtain side, refrigerated, bulk hopper or other trailers that are designed specifically for the kind of cargo being hauled. The freight load board is intentionally made in a manner that it allows carriers to filter their search based on distance, freight type and location.

The first time it becomes available to consumers, mobile freight marketplace were a big leap for freight industry. They made it possible to have faster communication regarding the spot market. On the other hand, as a result of the fast and continuous innovation in internet technology for the past several years, many freight load boards fail to keep up with it. Most sites whether you believe it or not have not changed the user screen or even the premium sites look the same. But this shouldn’t be a problem so long as it meets its purpose. Check out